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3 in 1 Inspection Ear Wax Remover Tool 720P Waterproof Camera with 6 Adjustable LED Compatible with Android and iOS

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This USB earoscope is an all-in-one design that you can use on your Android phone, Windows and Mac systems, PCs and laptops. Extra USB adapter. Insert to use! Ear spoon lens can be washed. USB interface can not be washed, alcohol washing effect is better.
  • 5.5mm camera, adjustable 6 LED lights can be adjusted by dimmer button of the control box according to your need, wide focal length, wide exposure, greatly reduced image exposure, color effects in dark or low light environments without distortion, ear canal display the most realistic and clear image The lens is glued inside the nozzle, and the lens size is larger than the nozzle, so it will not fall off, bid farewell to blinding digging, clean and safer.
  • Ultra-thin lenses are easy to enter the ear canal and operate flexibly. Unlike the previous chip-connected camera design, the pealindeal ear endoscope chip is far from the camera and will not heat up after a long time, providing you with a comfortable and comfortable experience.
  • When you find symptoms in the ear canal, use an endoscope to check and record the internal conditions. Send the video to your doctor so you can quickly see what's going on in the ear canal.
  • The use of food-grade non-toxic harmless pvc material, you can rest assured that the use of non-slip matte handle material, not only grip comfortable, and non-slip beautiful

Product Details

This is a high-definition visual ear canal cleaning tool, which includes a 5.5 mm diameter mini camera and some interchangeable accessories, refusing to be blind, no longer bothered, just enjoy the most comfortable experience, you can take pictures and record, save on your device.

Product specification:

Line length 2 meters, three in one interface
Camera diameter: 5.5MM
300 megapixel CMOS sensor
Resolution: 1280*720P, 640*480
Angle of view: 70°
LED lights: 6pcs
Focal length: 1.4-2cm
Support capture picture format: JPEG
Support record video format: AVI
Support System: Android 4.2+/windows/Mac

Package include:

1 x Silicone protective cover
2 x Wire ear spoon
4 x Plastic ear pick
4 x Sticks
4 x Cotton Swab Sticks
1 x Camera protective cover
2 x Annulaire Ear Spoon
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Manual

Necessary conditions for phones :

Does not support iphone use.
Device must support OTG and UVC functions.
Requires Android 4.2 or later
Access to an external camera

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