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Wireless Ear Otoscop Ear Wax Remover Tool with 6 LED Lights for iPhone, iPad, Android Devices

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • This is the latest endoscope design at the moment, unlike other traditional endoscopes on the market, this wifi endoscope camera can support both Android smartphone(Above Android 4.4) and IOS system(Above IOS 8.0).
  • The cable is great for allowing more control of the direction of the inspection camera, especially as this tool in intended to get into small spaces that would otherwise be near impossible to see.
  • Comes with 1300,000 pixels HD camera, 6 adjustable LED lights provide HD videos and snapshot images for the snake camera.(Resolution: 640x480 )
  • This wifi borescope has its own Wi-Fi Signal and a build-in Li-lon rechargeable battery, there is no external cable or adapter needed, all you need to do is just to download and install the app on your smartphone and connect to its WIFI.
  • Scan the QR code in the manual to download APP , Connect your smart device via WIFI, Open the APP and the live video will show up on the screen. PLEASE DON'T RESET THE WIFI PASSWORD BY YOURSELF, OTHERWISE THE ENDOSCOPE WILL BE USELESS.

Product Details

This endoscope is directly connected to the mobile phone via wifi, directly on the mobile phone, can take pictures and video on the preview picture, or can be used on the computer through the USB interface.
Note: The WIFI from this endoscope can only be used to connect to the phone, and can not be used to access the Internet.

Product parameters:

* Camera diameter: 5.5mm

  * Camera pixel: 1.3 million / 5.5mm

* Resolution: 640*480/5.5mm

*Lens angle: 70 degrees

  * Insertion tube diameter: 5.5 mm

*6 adjustable white LED lights

*Close range product (SF) line of sight: 3cm~6cm best

*Lens waterproof: IP67

*Working temperature: -10 - 120 degrees

●Working platform: android/windows2000/windows xp/vista/windows7/windows8

●Accessories: instructions, endoscope    

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